Trader Joes

We needed to swing by Trader Joe's in Shrewsbury this afternoon to buy a gift card for one of Spencer's co-workers.  As I was turning into the parking lot, I had an old geezer in a pick-up truck behind me honking his horn because apparently I wasn't moving fast enough in the parking lot for him.  (Little did he realize that honking his horn only increased the number of people I was letting out before I continued on into the parking lot.  Ha Ha!)

Aside from his rudeness, I was telling Spencer that I would never honk my horn in a parking lot because you never know if the person is going to follow you into the same store or do something crazy.  We agreed it's always easier to lay on the horn when you're in traffic and can make a speedy getaway. Sure enough, the old curmudegeon went into Trader Joes and we followed quietly behind.

But what if,  instead,  I decided to stalk the old bastard in the store? I wonder if he would appreciate me following closely behind him going up and down the aisles shouting, "Beep! Beep! Beep! Move your slow ass!" Now that I would have found satisfying.

But I digress...

I simply do not like Trader Joe's.  The aisles are way too small and there are far too many people who shop there that are oblivious to supermarket etiquette. I find the people who frequent Trader Joe's to be of a hippy-like nature and/or earthy-crunchy.  (Why is it that Whole Foods or places like Trader Joe's always have men of all ages walking around in tube socks and leather sandals?) I'm more of a Stop & Shop gal myself.

The only thing I ever buy at Trader Joe's is their branded balsamic vinegar and because I go there so infrequently, I usually will buy like five bottles of the stuff so I don't have to go back to the store more than like a few times a year.

As we were checking out, the cashier asked me if I would like some free roses?  His question sort of startled me.  "Sure, " I replied and he went over to a little basket and handed me a dozen red long-stemmed roses.  I thanked him and said this was the best part of my day.  And as we were walking out, another Trader Joe's lady tried to give me more roses.  But I held up my bouquet and told her I was all set.

Spencer and I commented that giving out free roses to their customers was a nice touch considering they had a ton of them and would probably have to throw them out anyway.  I know it certainly made my trip all the more pleasant despite the old guy beeping at me in the parking lot.

I just hope she didn't give him a bunch of flowers as he was leaving the store.  If he did get some free roses, then I secretly wish he pricked his dried up old fingers on the thorns. That will teach him to honk is horn at me!

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