And Now The Time Has Come

Well, vacation is officially over and it's back to Bose tomorrow.  I had an amazing 11 straight days away from the office and enjoyed a very good vacation.

Each day I found myself counting on my fingers how many days I had left of the vacation.  I know that sounds kind of weird because I really should have just been enjoying myself rather than participating in my own personal count-down , but I couldn't help it.  Perhaps I place far too much emphasis on vacations?

Spencer tells me that I have to stop thinking of my vacation like it's an all or nothing event.  Of course he's  right. Before the vacation I wrote down lists of things to get done since I had all that time off.  I was going to get my car detailed, visit Walden Pond and hang up mini-blinds and balance the check book.  Instead I had a very nice and relaxing vacation.

We stayed overnight in Freeport, Maine.  I got the Mazda 3 inspected.  I got caught up on all my RSS feeds and cleaned out my in box.  We saw Penn & Teller at the MGM Theater at Foxwood Casino this past Thursday night. I went clothes shopping and had lunch at Red Robin.  We took Minnie to the park and I cooked up some burgers.  And how can I forget this past Saturday when I finally got around to organizing all my office supplies down in the basement.  You may not think this would have been a big deal, but it was office supplies and anyone who knows me can attest that I love me some office supplies.  Everything is finally organized and has a place.  It feels pretty good.

I read a little bit this afternoon and took my last long nap of the vacation.  But it's OK.  I know there are more fun things to come my way.  I'm looking forward to the start of Summer and soft serve ice cream although I'm not sure in which order.

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