Finally Found What I Was Looking For

I'm a big fan of Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, but I'm a SUPER FAN when it comes to Limited Edition anything.  I had been hoping to find their new Seasonal Delight flavors because two of the five are Pomegranate Berry and Pineapple Coconut.

I've been looking for these new flavors for what feels like months.  Dannon had been cruelly taunting me with advertisements of their new flavors on the tops of other Light & Fit yogurt cups and I simply couldn't find them anywhere.  Believe me, I tried really hard to track them down.   I've gone grocery shopping several times at Stop & Shop, Shaw's, Price Chopper, Super Wal-Mart and even Target.  Not one of these grocery stores or retail establishments had the new flavors.  Until one fateful night...

This past Thursday we went to see Penn & Teller at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods in CT.  We decided to make a quick pit stop at Price Chopper to get a gallon of milk because it was on the way home.  It was around 10:30pm as I approached the dairy aisle with my selection of 2% milk.  I figured, "What the hell?" as I approached the dairy case holding all of the different yogurts.  I gingerly approached the section where Dannon yougurts were neatly stacked and to my shock there it was-the Holy Grail of Active Yogurt Cultures: Pineapple Coconut.  I simply couldn't believe I had finally found it.

I greedily snatched up all the remaining cups of Pineapple Coconut and Key Lime flavors available.  (Sadly Pomegranate Berry wasn't to be had, but I was OK with that because I had secured two new limited-edition flavors.)

My next challenge was keeping these little beauties away from Spencer.

Since I'm not much of a cook, meal time in our home typically requires food to be had quick and easy.  It's not unusual for Spencer to come home after work and grab a few yogurts in the fridge or a tub of cottage cheese for his late night dinner.  The difference between Spencer and I is that he doesn't let things sit around in the fridge like I'm prone to do from time to time.  I'm the type of emotional eater who likes food based on mood.  I actually like yogurt and always enjoy having several cups of various brands and flavors in the fridge.  The problem is that by the time I'm ready to enjoy some, they are all gone because Spencer beat me to them.  (He's a world-class champion eater of yogurt.  He'll think nothing of eating three cups in a row.  And don't even get me started on the Philadelphia Whipped Chive Cream Cheese!)

But since these new limited-edition flavors were so valuable to me, I left them in the Price Chopper bag and hid them in the fruit drawer because I thought that was one location in our fridge that I would never have to worry about being invaded because he's not much of an eater of fruit. Or produce, for that matter.

Today I finally was in the mood for some yogurt.  I opened up the fruit drawer and took out the bag filled with cups of Dannon yogurt.  Spencer was in the kitchen with me sort of hovering as I closed the door and I said, "You want one?  Have one...but don't eat all the Pineapple Coconut 'cause I want to try it."  I gave him one and I took one back with me to the desk.  I peeled back the cover and gently swiped my tongue against the foil.  I silently prayed that I wouldn't be disappointed in the much sought after flavor.  So how was it?  Did I like it?

Yes! Yes! Yes! It tasted delicious. It was like having a Pina Colada smoothie in a cup.  It was totally worth the wait and I loved every spoonful. The little flecks of pineapple added a touch texture, but I thought, as I was scooping it out, that it just needed a little something more.  I remembered the pint of Strawberries sitting on the second shelf inside the fridge. I thought to myself that those berries would be the perfect compliment to this healthy snack.   Just as I was standing up to head back into the kitchen, I heard Spencer say enticingly like Homer Simpson, "Mmmm...Strawberries."  I looked over and there he was happily chomping one of the strawberries that he had just plucked out of it's plastic container.


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