Freaky Friday...

Why does it seem like there is not one person in my life right now without drama.  In no particular order:

  • My best friend Karen officially broke up with her boyfriend.
  • My co-worker Patty just found out that due to a severe plumbing problem she’s going to have to move out of her apartment and into another unit while workers tear up her floors to correct a massive leak.  Plus her poor husband nearly had an amputation earlier this week from an infection – long story. (And she’s suffering a major hangover from the Jimmy Buffet concert last night.)
  • My former work husband's mother-in-law died earlier this week and his wife’s 40th birthday is this weekend.
  • My friend Ginny's buying her first house and the closing slipped from 6/24 to 6/30 because of a misleading appraisal that nearly sunk the whole deal.
  • My lunch got cancelled today because my co-worker Jillian called in sick.  She’s the friend who has Celiac disease so no mash potatoes at Uno’s in Natick today.
  • Another co-worker of mine (she sits opposite of me) has a mother who may have a second spinal fluid leak which requires another surgery.
  • Both Spencer and I have a cracked windshields this week that needs to be fixed.
  • The company that was scheduled to do my septic tank cleaning was given the wrong address and I saw him going to my next door neighbor’s house while I was on the way to work. It’s not Perry at 5 Miami St, it’s Perry at 9 Miami Street!  ‘Doh
  • Another co-worker Michelle had her Novocain wear off mid-procedure drilling.
  • And last but not least- A trifecta of entertainers died this week:  Michael Jackson (sequined white glove), Farrah Fawcett (famous for her nipple poster) and Ed McMahon (Publisher's Clearing House will never be the same without him.)
And you're wondering if I had any good news this week?  Yea, I saw the sun for like five minutes Thursday night.

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