Hang On!

This is a picture of a super cool print that I bought off of Rebecca (aka SmellyRhino) on Etsy.  

You see, I've got this crazy notion that since I don't have any children yet that I would decorate one of our spare bedrooms in honor of our beloved Beagle Minnie.  Right now the walls are painted blue (imagine the color of a Smurf, but more muted in hue) and the theme is Mr. Men.  I've got the curtains, a pillow sham, matching sheets, a comforter and even a pop-up laundry basket in there.  All Mr. Men and it  looks pretty fantastic.  

However, the one major decorating flaw is that I don't have any pictures of Minnie hanging up.  Her food and water are in the room sitting on a little carpet that's shaped like a dog bone.  Her Dingo snacks are on the dresser and her well-used brush is right next to it.  And on most occasions if you walked into the room , you'd find my lazy yet adorable dog lounging on the twin bed that's situated right up against the window so she can look out onto the street for anything exciting going down in her dominion.  After all, it's tough being our beloved queen.

But her room still needed that something more to define the theme.  That final touch was necessary to distinguish this spare bedroom as belonging to my dog instead of a non-existent 8 year old little girl.  I started surfing around the internet looking for Beagle-related merchandise that I could add to the bedroom to make it more uniquely hers and that's when I came across Rebecca's amazingly cute painting of a Beagle braced atop his red doghouse just like another famous World War Flying Ace we all know...I instantly fell in love with it.  

I contacted Rebecca asking if the print was for sale. She was happy to sell me a print, but wanted to make certain it reproduced well on her printer.  After some trial and error, she had a commercial printer take the job instead. I decided on buying the  largest print she had available which was an 8 x 8 reproduction of her original.  I've got the spot all picked out in Minnie's room and I can't wait to get it.  Rebecca has been great with communicating the status of my order and even offered to throw a little something extra my way as thanks for my patience.  How could I not love someone who replies back to my email saying: "OMG, you're like the best most awesomeist person ever!"  

I'm a big fan of Etsy, but I'm an even bigger fan of Rebecca Salcedo.  If you have a moment, check out her store on Etsy.  Maybe you'll find something as unique as I did to decorate a room for your own non-existent little girl otherwise known as your dog. 

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