Bringing on the HeartBreak

Former American Idol runner up Blake Lewis released his sophomore CD this past Tuesday aptly titled Heartbreak on Vinyl.

There are only certain artists that warrant an actual CD purchase by me and I typically buy their CD’s from Target. I was quite surprised this past weekend when I didn’t see any mention of Blake’s CD in their Tune-In-Tuesday section of their advertisement in the Worcester Sunday Telegram.

I half-heartedly snatched the Best Buy flier and flipped to their music section not holding out any hope that they would feature the CD if Target couldn’t be bothered. However, I was thrilled to see that not only did they feature his CD; it was on sale this week for a mere $7.99. Psyche!

Last night after work, I stopped by the Best Buy adjacent to the Solomon Pond Mall hoping they might have a copy available. I’ve had disappointing trips to several Best Buy locations in the past when they didn’t have a Justin Timberlake FutureSexLoveSongs concert tour DVD in stock that was heavily advertised as a Best Buy exclusive. (It should come as no surprise to any of my readers that I’m not such a forgiving person if you burn me on anything related to JT.) Strangely, I heart Blake Lewis nearly as much as I do Justin and was prepared in advance for Best Buy to disappoint me once again.

A store associate happily greeted me upon entering the doors and I quickly made my way over to the left side of the store to their music section. I scanned their New Release section and didn’t see the Blake Lewis CD. I checked the end caps-nothing. So I walked back over to the first aisle and decided to look on the opposite side thinking this must be where they put his CD. Instead the other side contained CD holders and accessories. I gave a deep sigh. As I was walking away, a young man called out to me asking if I had found what I was looking for. He was seated within the technical service area for computers so I had no expectation that he could help me, but what the hell? After all, this was Blake Lewis and I’ve had his October 6th CD release date in my planner for like six months.

“I’m looking for Heartbreak on Vinyl by Blake Lewis.” I said.

“OK, let me see if we have any in stock. You know, if we don’t have it here you can always order it online. “
I must have given him a look because he quickly said, “The vinyl. We don’t carry vinyl in the stores, but you can get it online.”  It was only then that I realized he thought I was looking for an actual 33” vinyl record based on the title of the CD.

“It says here we have 4 in stock. Let me go check and see if I can find it for you.”

I jokingly said as we walked towards the section, “I’m just glad you didn’t laugh at me when I said I was looking for a Blake Lewis CD.” He turned and casually said that he had never heard of Blake Lewis before. Oh, yea, of course he hadn’t because I’m probably like one of twenty Blake Lewis fans in the New England area.

Sure enough there were 4 CDs right in the “B” section which further impressed me because (a) they had it in stock while it was on sale and (b) their inventory was 100% accurate. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Supply Chain efficiency.

He offered to ring me up at the desk instead of me having to stand in line at the front of the store which I thought was really nice. Seriously, this was the most customer service I’ve received from a Big Box retailer in the longest of times that it felt like I was in a parallel universe.

As I was checking out, he asked if I’d be interested in their rewards card and I shook my head no saying, “I don’t do a lot of shopping at Best Buy so no thanks.”

But as I was walking out through the doors another associate called out to me to have a nice night. I smiled and waved good-bye thinking that maybe I should have signed up for that Best Buy rewards card after all.

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