I spent the entire day today on the computer.  I did manage a brief nap this afternoon, but otherwise I read all my RSS feeds, posted furiously on Facebook and worked through over 700 plus emails in my personal in box.

I came across an email I sent to myself back on September 24th that contained snippets of blog ideas, but now that I read them nearly a month later...the humor seems gone. So I'm going to post them in bullet form just to say that I did something with them this time rather than delete them.

Here are my ideas for a blog post from my lunchtime visit to Lowe's with my friend/co-worker Jillian back on September 24th:

  • Candy dish with hairy hand reminds Jillian of Pete
  • Cute little girl in the Christmas decorations aisle with chunky cheeks
  • Stand alone electric fireplace cabinet for Jillian’s room
  • HUGE leaf sucker attachment
  • Nylon twisty ties for $5.88 too expensive
  • Disco Ball curtain rods
  • Boring kitchen curtains
  • Claw foot bath tub – Jillian got in and I took her picture
  • Jillian buying bulbs to feed the squirrels – cashier suggested moth balls
  • Gray haired dude with white beard sitting in a plastic chair at the exit of the Lowe’s parking lot – was he tailgating at noon?
[drawing courtesy of my mom Gloria Silva]

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