Cat Man Do

Cat Man Do Take 2

I used to think it was totally embarrassing to go out in public with my mom sometimes because she'd have all these little stuffed animals and toys attached to her red walker. I bought her a basket that attached onto the walker to hold all her stuff-like her Wurther's Original Candy, her Chapsticks, pens and crayons, notepads, tissues and Bingo chips. I even went so far as to buy her one of those Arrooogahhh horns that she could use while walking the halls of the Autumn Village Nursing Home. The basket was a brilliant idea because it offered portability-I simply had to unhook the basket off of her walker whenever we went into a store like a CVS or a Wal-Mart and store it in the trunk of my car.

After looking at this 'person' having stuffed cats glued to her head and back, I've come to realize I really didn't have anything at all to be embarrassed about with my mom. Who knew?

This is another shining example of why People of Wal-Mart is one of my favorite sites on the whole wide world web.

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