How I Spent My Time During Shutdown

Every year for the past four years I've had the benefit of not working during the week of Christmas which is such an amazing bonus with my job.  I was so looking forward to shutdown this year because I had all these plans to get all this stuff done and once again things didn't go as planned.

So here are the highlights:

  • I came down with a really bad cold 4 days before Christmas. Hooray! Even the Niquil didn't make me feel all that better this time around. WTF?
  • Received some great news about my Father-In-Law George on Christmas Eve.  His second bout of lung cancer is in remission and he was able to stop chemo treatments.  We all figured he was going to get good news from his doctor because what kind of scrooge would set up a doctor's appointment the day before Christmas to give bad news?
  • Santa (aka the amazing thoughtful Spencer) surprised me with a pair of Beats by Dr Dre headphones and a pimped out Keurig coffee maker. This fancy smancy version brews iced coffee and is programmable.  I feel guilty about wasting coffee so I've held off setting it up because I've got a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee to use.
  • Dropped my new HP Laptop on my foot today and caused myself a nasty bloody wound.
  • Set up my pink Hello Kitty Christmas Tree a few days ago.  Yea, I know Christmas is over.  But I've got this grand plan to keep (2) trees up until Spring.  Here's my plan:  Hello Kitty tree in the living room with pink lights and a Valentine's Day tree in the spare room.  I bought a whole bunch of 50% off red ornaments, red lights and a red bow with LED lights for the topper and it looks theory since I haven't set it up yet.
  • Got to see Sherlock Holmes with Ginny and enjoyed a 6oz steak at The Outback.  Movie was great, but I think there should be a steak minimum of 8oz.  My steak looked like a hockey puck and was smaller than the loaded baked potato.
  • Achieved Level 25 on Farmville which equates to alot of time on Facebook planting and harvesting crops and organizing my brown and white chickens.  If you're a fellow farmer, I still want Pomegranate Trees.
  • Our beagle Minnie had a whopping 14 teeth extracted and 2 benign lumps removed on December 28th.  I was a nervous wreck the entire four plus hours she was in surgery, but she came out good.  I spent the following day fretting over her health, but it turned out she didn't move off her bed for 24 hours because of the residual effects of the anethesia.
  • We watched Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory on DVD and Season 32 of Saturday Night Live on the Roku player.
I'm sure I did a bunch of other stuff, but right now it escapes me.  What I do know is I'm done counting on my fingers how many days left I have being on vacation.  It's Saturday night and my break is over.  One more day and then it's back to the usual five day workweek.  But this time I'm going back looking forward to seeing my coworkers and thinking about the possibility of doing all that other stuff that's going to fix up my life.

Happy New Year everyone!

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