The Vermont Country Store

We received a $25 gift certificate to The Vermont Country Store two years ago from my in-laws.  I've held on to the gift certificate all this time because we fully expected to take a day trip up to Vermont one weekend to visit the store.  But other things got in the way and we never got the chance to visit.

I receive their catalog throughout the year and I always love browsing the pages because they've got such a wide assortment of things from the past. Their tag line is "Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-To-Find."  I bought my silver retro tinsel Christmas Tree a few years ago from them with one of those color wheels and a watch that required winding rather than batteries to operate.

I've come close to buying a few things online, but hesitated because their website couldn't process my paper gift certificate as they've since come out with the standard gift cards that are website friendly and easy to use.  But once I saw that they were selling their own knock-off version of one of my favorite shampoos from the 70's...I had to call their customer service department and see if I could still use my old gift certificate by placing a telephone order.  (I can't even begin to recall the last time I placed a telephone order with a company, can you?)

It turns out all I needed to do was ask.  I called customer service and placed my order for 2 bottles of their Country Herbal Shampoo which is their version of the discontinued Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo made by The Proctor and Gamble company.  (They also sell other retro shampoo's such as Lemon Up, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific and Body On Tap.)

A few days after placing my order, I received my bottles of Country Herbal Shampoo.  I eagerly unscrewed the top and took a great big sniff and guess what?  The smell was magnificent. It took me back to precious buried childhood memories of my mother lathering up my hair with her green shampoo in the bathtub. That scent made me feel five years old again.

I don't use the Country Herbal Shampoo every day because I'm trying to make the two bottles last for as long as possible.  But I'm grateful to The Vermont Country Store that they honored my 2 year old paper gift certificate without any hassles and provided me with a pleasant customer service experience during the holidays.

I may not be able to visit their store for a while, but I can't wait to see what other cool stuff they'll find to remind me of what my life used to be like as a kid growing up in the 70's.

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  1. Ohhh Herbal Essence... I had that shampoo too as a kid.. that green bottle with the hippie girl w/ very long hair. Big time childhood memory. I think I've seen it in stores though -- Maybe not the same formula as the one you bought though huh?

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I remember that lemon shampoo loved it!