My First Solo Mission

Sadly I went shopping today, all by myself, during lunch because one of my friends (and most favorite co-worker) is no longer working with me. She's moved on to EMC in Hopkinton, MA.

I had intended to visit Staples in Westborough to wander the aisles since I haven’t been there in months and haven’t checked out their Back-To-School merchandising.  But instead I was pulled towards Home Goods to check out their Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations.

Aside from the aisles and aisles of decorative seasonal décor, I came across some really interesting things that I was tempted to purchase, but restrained myself. They had a wooden standing magazine stand that would be just perfect to place in my hallway for $50.00.  (I’m still undecided and might swing by on my way home from work to buy it!) 

I found a  bright yellow smiley face canister with a latch on the side.  I had to buy it, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  My guess is it’s being added to my smiley face collection which will eventually be displayed in my curio case.

In their pet section I found a marked-down doggy frame and seriously considered buying your dog Anke a rawhide birthday card, but I put it back because it wasn’t personalized enough.  (God forbid I buy my friend's dog a card and it doesn’t have my personal touch of humor and sentiment.)  

I also dug around in their clearance section and found some Beagle embroidered hand towels that I bought for the newly painted bathroom.

I remember this feather wreath I thought I would buy as an Easter decoration a while back, but Jillian thought it was too tacky and thus perfect for me.  Well, months later Home Goods has had one in pale green that would have looked perfect hanging on my bathroom wall for a mere $14, but I didn’t buy it because we tend to use a lot of baby powder post shower and I wasn’t sure if the powder particles would float around and attach themselves to the wreath.

I lurked around in their children’s décor section and found two blue throw pillows each saying ‘Jacob’ and ‘Edward’….  I left them alone, but took a picture of them on my cell phone for posterity to show all my Twilight buddies!

As I was checking out, I grabbed a box of Mini Liquorice Allsorts by McKeever Danlee for $1.99 as my impulse buy.  (The back of the box said they were a product of South Africa and may contain Gluten. ) I cracked open the box upon returning to the office and they were delicious. I’ve never had mini Allsorts.  Weird.

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  1. Michelle1:28 PM

    Kimmy! I love allsorts too! I'll have to look for the mini's some day. Also - health warning! while you're powdering up after your showers make sure your powders are all talc free. talc is a mineral and is supposedly linked to certain kinds of cancer! go read that lable girl!