Farewell Pomegranates...It's been POM-Wonderful

I thought it would be appropriate to officially document the end of my Pomegranate season.  Boy, it's been one hell of a juicy ride.

I'm afraid to even consider how much money I've spent this year on my Pomegranate habit, but it has to be at least $200 bucks or more.  The average price I paid at the supermarket this year was $2.50/each or approx. $20 per visit just on this fruit alone.  My best deal was found just a few weeks ago up in North Conway, New Hampshire when we visited a Hannaford Supermarket during a minor snow storm paying a mere $1.99/each for soft-ball size Pomegranates. 

My co-worker Carrie sent me this infographic a while back from that awesome site GraphJam and I think I told her at the time that I was going to print this one out, nicely frame it and hang it in my kitchen.  (Note to self: DO THIS!)

I suspect my digestive system is in tip-top shape and really I've only ruined a couple dish towels and t-shirts with the juice splatters.  My thanks go out to all my friends and family who have supported my unnatural habit by purchasing me pomegranates or pomegranate-related merchandise since mid-October. 

I begin 2011 with ten stained, but well-worked fingers and many pleasant memories of seeds gone by.

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