A Smurf Smurfing a Dream

A Smurf Smurfing a Dream, originally uploaded by NJ Toy Geek.

Is it wrong that sleeping is one of the favorite parts of my day?
I'm fortunate that I get to sleep like every single day.

Some of my fondest teen memories were coming home after school and napping in my parent's water bed. The mattress was heated and there were so many baffles built into the liner that it felt like I was floating on air.

I remember they also had this really expensive velvet patchwork quilt that they had bought when they got the water bed. I think at the time that patchwork quilt cost them about $200. It doesn't really seem that expensive now, but when you consider this was the early 80's it really was quite a luxury.

Another fond memory I had was sometimes at night I would crawl into bed with my mom to keep her company when my dad was away on a trip. ( I'd sleep on my dad's side of the bed which somehow made me miss him less and helped my mom get a better night's sleep because she wasn't in the bed all by herself.)

Often my mom would leave the radio on during the night to help her get to sleep. To this day, I can never hear that Led Zeppelin song 'Stairway to Heaven' and not think about that one night I laid next to her for what seemed like a solid 30 minutes while that song just went on and on and on.

In taking this little trip down memory lane, I am left wondering where I would go to buy a water bed? Do they even make them anymore?

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