Snowtorious B.I.G.

Mother Nature gave me my birthday gift early this year - SNOW!  In fact, she really went all out with my present 'cause she wrapped up the snow in all this beautiful wind that deceptively makes the snow seem all soft and fluffy when clearly it's not.

Luckily for us, a blessed teen showed up on our doorstep this afternoon looking to shovel out the walk and the driveway.  Now that's the kind of present I'm talking about and it doesn't even phase me one bit that I had to pay for it.  I powered him up with glass bottles of Coke and thanked him profusely in flipping great wads of my cash.

The view out our window this afternoon was pretty non-existent until I saw this dad pulling his toddler behind him in this really cute sled.  The little boy was bundled up in overprotective layers-so much so that I could only see his eyes-and all the padding this little kid was wearing made it seem like if the wind picked him up, well, he'd bounce all the way home.  It would have been a Hallmark moment, but then the dad reached into his pocket for his smokes and proceeded to light up before gathering up the sled's rope and moving on.  I just don't see how you can smoke in a blizzard, but that's just my non-smoker judgmental opinion rearing it's ugly head.

Eventually the snow stopped falling and we decided to take Minnie out for a walk through the neighborhood to see if we could be witness to any fallen power lines, abandoned vehicles or general mayhem taking place around us.  It was pretty uneventful.  But the wind was whipping so badly that we couldn't see anything so we relied on our Beagle Minnie to tug on her leash and lead us safely home. Seriously, she could be a sled dog if it wasn't for her ample midsection.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to DIRECTV for withstanding the inclement weather conditions which allowed me to watch that new Oprah show 'Master Class' so I could learn a little bit more about the great Jay-Z and to the makers of Kellogg's for yet another delicious bowl of Fruit Loops with Marshmallows enjoyed while watching Hova on Oprah's new network. I couldn't have gotten through this pre-Birthday without both of you.

And now, last but not least, Mother Nature for giving me a gift that will keep on giving all season long. (I hope she kept the receipt!)

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