Utterly Horrifying - Toddlers & Tiaras

I finally got around to seeing this show and indeed it is the most disturbing thing airing on television.  I know that's a pretty confident statement coming from someone who has never watched an episode of Jersey Shore, but I was horrified last night watching this beauty pageant show.

When I saw this poor little girl dressed up to look like Madonna while her mother had her dancing to 80's themed music, the very awkward feeling that washed over me can only be likened to that uncomfortable feeling of watching a movie with my parents when someone was having sex on the screen.  Awkward.

These poor little girls.  They're made-up to look like adult women and strut their non-existent 'stuff' in front of audiences that must be littered with pedophiles. (Remember that scene in Little Miss Sunshine with the creepy guys?) How can mothers do this to their children?

What is to become of their childhood?  Isn't it enough that they'll have to deal with their self-perceived shortcomings the rest of their adult lives as they compare themselves to airbrushed stick insect models?  Will they know that their personal worth isn't defined by the size of their latest Coach bag?

These pageant moms need to stop dressing their daughters up like Bratz dolls and start teaching them that beauty comes in many forms and certainly not always on the outside.

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