I've Got Me The Winter Blues

Like everyone else, I'm entirely sick of Winter.

I'm tired of dressing in layers. I'm tired of not having any control over my day when the weatherman tells everyone to expect more snow.  Sometimes their predictions hit the snow fall totals pretty accurately and other times it feels like I should just buy me a copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac to see what's in store for us.

The threat of the roof collapsing over my head is what's really bothersome right now.  It could all just be the hype, but I tried getting a quote to have the snow removed from our roof.  The man said between $600-$700 and I decided I'd rather take my chances with Mother Nature.  So far no leaks or creaks on Miami Street and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the snow is going to melt off the roof without incident or drama.

I was thinking the other day that I miss hearing the birds chirping outside when I leave for work in the morning.  Being able to see the occasional beautiful red cardinal outside snacking at the bird feeder just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm done with the cuteness of scampering squirrels, frozen dog poo and tracking sand into our kitchen.  Enough already.

I'm supposed to go tubing at Ward Hill in Shrewsbury this upcoming Thursday afternoon as part of a group post-holiday work celebration.  I was looking forward to it before because I have never gone tubing, but now it just feels like I'm consorting with the enemy.  I don't want to have fun slipping and sliding in the snow. Snow is evil and meant to be despised.  I don't want to feel the rush of wind against my ears as I go plummeting down a slick hill only to climb back up and do it again.

But like everyone else living in New England, I've got to get through this and take comfort in knowing that every day passed is a day closer to Spring.  But what troubles me is that all this snow is like the manifestation of a savings bank.  Sooner than later the snow is going to melt and my basement will be in danger of becoming a wading pool.

I guess how you survive Winter is all just a matter of perspective.  For now I'll take solace in knowing that someday soon all this snow will be gone.  But what really troubles me is where it's going to go.

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