Ood vs. iPhone

I just had a funny thought at work as I was on my way to the bathroom. I was nearly plowed over in the hallway by this woman walking toward me while looking down at her iPhone.  It became obvious pretty quickly that she wasn’t aware of her surroundings as she headed directly towards me and I had to make a quick shift to the right to avoid bumping into her.  So this experience got me thinking…

The creature on the left is called an ‘Ood’ and it’s an alien from the current Doctor Who franchise.  I’d like to draw your attention to that round thingy it is holding.  I think it’s some sort of communication device that allows them to interact with other species, but I can’t help thinking it bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone. 

It’s a physical part of their body and they carry it everywhere.  As humans, I think we’re pretty much one step away from this ourselves.  How many times a day do you encounter people walking around oblivious to every single thing happening around them except their bloody phone?

OK. I admit ,like a gazillion other people, I own an iPhone.  I love my iPhone, but I’m not in love with my iPhone.  Know what I mean?  By nature, I’m an introvert and you’d probably expect me to say that I love the solitude that using a smart phone provides me on a daily basis, but I don’t at all.   I still believe that being present and giving my 100% attention to someone or something is much more important than checking my Gmail or texting a buddy at any given time of day.

I’ve been to movies where people sit there in the dark illuminated by their iPhone screen because they just can’t seem to shut themselves off from the world for the 90 minutes it would take to watch a film.  I’ve been to concerts where people stand up and try to capture every second of the musical experience by using the video on their Smartphone instead of just enjoying the show that they paid big bucks to see.  Finally, I’ve been to meetings where half the folks in attendance are texting or checking their phone rather than paying attention to what is being discussed.  I’m getting really sick of it.

You’re not going to get any argument from me about how amazing and convenient it is to use a Smartphone.  I love my Apps and my ability to have access to pretty much everything in the digital format.  Sometimes I just worry that these phones is just another way of allowing ourselves to be driven by distraction rather than being driven by the life that is actually happening around us.

With that being said, I’m off to play Angry Birds.  (just kidding!)

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