Scents and Insensibility

I told a random guy at work today that he smelled good.  Of course, I apologized beforehand telling him that I was about to say something that most would deem ‘inappropriate’ in a work environment, but I said it anyways.
The nice thing is he smiled and thanked me.  Then he told me that one time it wasn’t the first time someone had randomly complimented him.  One time he was on a beach and a woman walked up to him to tell him he had ‘nice toes’.    Now THAT was way more inappropriate, don’t you think?

I have heard of guys having a foot fetish, but never from the opposite sex.  Who knows? Maybe she just liked his feet.  Regardless, I achieved my daily goal of talking to one complete stranger today at work and this is the thanks I get for trying to expand my conversational horizons. 

Maybe next time I keep should keep my nose out of a stranger’s business!

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