Hello Kitty Cup Cakes

I know somewhere in the ADHA licensure that there must be a warning against giving sweets to your patients, but I'm sure glad my dental hygienist Andrea overlooked it.  Yesterday she gave me four Hello Kitty cupcakes that she baked just for me!

My cleaning appointment was at 4pm and she came out into the waiting room to tell me she had a little something for me chilling in the backseat of her car.  So we went outside to see and I resisted my impulse to lock arms with her and skip into the parking lot because I already knew what it was going to be!

They were simply gorgeous: four red velvet cupcakes with pink-tinted cream-cheese frosting topped with fondant-designed Hello Kitty faces.  Just look at those delicate little black whiskers.  Amazing.  Andrea explained she used one of her special cake tools to get the whiskers placed just right which was an improvement over the last time she made these for her daughter (another Hello Kitty obsessed adult - see? I'm not the only one) because she had used a tube of gel-based frosting and didn't get the same effect.

The kitty is in the details.

So I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest patient of Boylston Dental Associates.  Dr. Scanlon has done lots of good things for my choppers over the years, but he never baked me Hello Kitty cupcakes.

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