Spring Cleaning

Today is Saturday and although I'm technically not on vacation just yet, I've begun Spring Cleaning and I thought that I would blog a little bit about what I just accomplished this Saturday morning - mostly for posterity sake.

I tackled the bedroom closet and drawers while listening to the last audio CD's of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.  I was determined to finish up the last in the Stieg Larsoon trilogy while on this vacation because I've been so engrossed in the books that I really haven't read anything else.  So now that I'm done, I can focus my full attention on this 600 page book called I Want My MTV that's due back at the library in a couple of weeks.

I began with the bedroom closet.   I made three piles to help me sort through everything:

  • Save for storage in the basement which mainly is made up of my Fall/Winter clothes
  • Toss out
  • Donate to one of those conveniently placed bins outside of everywhere that has those neat drop-down drawers like a mailbox except instead of mailing a letter I'm sending off clothes I no longer want.
I got rid of at least 8 pairs of shoes.  Mostly the shoes I donated were nice shoes that feel just a little bit tight or uncomfortable sometimes. A couple were pairs of really good shoes that I've held onto for a couple of years because I paid a good amount of money for them because they didn't make my bunions hurt when I wore them.  But then I realized this morning that I don't have those bunions anymore thanks to surgery so why keep them?  They just don't fit right anymore.

This time I decided to really do a proper de-cluttering of my clothes.  In the past, I used to just pull out all my Autumn/Winter clothes and set them aside for storage for next year without really evaluating if I should keep everything.  I donated a ton of my Winter clothes - mostly sweaters that fit me OK, but didn't make me feel good wearing them.  Tossed. That left me with just a small pile of Winter clothes to store in the basement.  I know as I approach the colder weather, I'll pull everything out again and realize I don't have as big of a selection which will prompt me to do some shopping, but that's totally fine.  It's a problem to worry about eight months from now.

Here's my big tip for anyone struggling with clothes slipping off of hangers and all you have are those cheap, tube-like plastic hangers:  use binder clips.  Clamp those suckers down on each side of the hanger and I guarantee your clothes will not slip off and fall to the floor.  I've bought a couple boxes of black binder clips at Staples and use them all the time.

Next to tackle were the bedroom drawers.  I made a big decision this year - I finally tossed out all my socks.  I have this one drawer dedicated to rolled up socks and I swear I never wear any of them.  I must have 25 pairs of socks that I used to wear maybe ten years ago and each year I just keep holding onto them thinking someday I'll need them.  I'm just not a sock person anymore.  I go barefoot in my sneakers and use nylons for my dress shoes.  Why do I need these socks?  I tossed out every single pair of them.  The ONLY ones I kept were those super soft snuggly socks that I bought at Marshall's last year.  They're not even proper socks because I would never wear them with sneakers.  But they do serve the purpose of keeping my feet warm if I don't feel like walking around the house barefoot - so they made the cut.

I also donated a whole bunch of winter hats, scarves and gloves. I've got far too many hats and gloves for one person. The rest that I've chosen to keep got put into the Winter pile of clothes for next year.

Surprisingly my Toss Out pile was pretty big, too.  I had several shirts that had stains on them and really hadn't realized it because they were buried either in a drawer or in the back of my closet.  My bedtime clothes made up the biggest pile.  I had far too many pajama tops stained with the juice of pomegranates and a fair share of bottoms that were missing their matching top.  No idea where they went to, but it made it easier for me to decide to get rid of them.  In reviewing my pile, it reminds me that I should take better care of my clothes or more importantly, wear a bib while eating pomegranates.

Now that I've sorted through all my current stuff, it's time for me to start the whole process again with the Spring/Summer clothes that I'll be bringing up this afternoon from the basement.  I know it's only mid-March and perhaps a bit early in the season to be thinking about bringing out the warm weather clothes, but I'll be in San Antonio, Texas in a few days enjoying temps in the mid-70's so why the hell not?  I've got the rest of the afternoon to sort, organize and toss to my heart's content.  After all, I am on vacation...

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