Introducing The Wrong Kim Perry

I'd say for the past 6-8 months, my Gmail account has been mistakenly tangled up with at least 3 different Kim Perry's, but probably more. Apparently I've been quite busy doing the following:

  1. Apartment hunting on in Alpharetta, GA. 
  2. Reviewing my CanaDuct Cleaning experience via
  3. Being Chief of Emergency Medicine.
  4. Writing cautionary emails to my co-workers about the state of the ladies bathroom (a personal favorite topic of the ACTUAL Kim Perry)
  5. Attending various Little League games
  6. Travel to Cancun
All of these emails have been clogging up my inbox so I decided to use the labels feature in Gmail to help me organize all this noise. I created the label "Wrong Kim Perry" and began creating filters for the daily emails I would inevitably receive in the hopes that someday I would actually be able contact these "others' to explain that I've been receiving all of their emails and eventually pass along all this information that was really meant for them. And trust me, I have tried to contact these other Kim's explaining that their emails have been reaching me in error. To date, zero success.

But this latest batch of emails that I've begun receiving from a property management company alerting me to dry cleaning being picked up and packages delivered to my apartment in New York city got me thinking that it might be interesting to occasionally document all this crazy shit that I just can't seem to rid myself of every time I check my personal email.

Just in case readers of this blog are interested in the double, triple and quadruple lives that I've been apparently living, I'll be sure to keep you updated going forward.

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