I'm a Cronut and Proud of It

Today is Achievement.  I've eaten nothing except potatoes for 14 straight days. I've drunk only water, tea, and black coffee.

I've lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks as a result of following Ray Cronise and Penn Jillette's advice on how to transition my body from eating a Standard American Diet (S.A.D) in favor of a Plant-Based diet.

This isn't really a diet, but going forward I'm going to refer to it as The Cronut Diet created by Ray Cronise.

I don't think I really believed I could get through the 2 weeks since I've always been a voracious stress eater and my love of sweet & salty has made me a morbidly obese 49-year-old woman. I'm turning 50 next January and in order to achieve my goal of 140 pounds, I needed to drop so much weight that I'm truly embarrassed to tell you the specific number. I'm not there yet.

I read Penn's Book Presto! How I Made Over 100 pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales maybe 5-6 months ago.  Entertaining as hell, but here's what this book meant to me in one word-Transformational.  His journey and reason behind doing something crazy drastic to lose a whole bunch of weight in a given timeframe really resonated with me. I got to thinking that maybe I could pull this off and see some great results really fast.

During these two weeks, you're not supposed to do anything that's really demanding because you're trying to place your body in a Metabolic Winter. Day 3 and 4 were supposed to be the worst in terms of low energy. I was expecting to feel lethargic so I decided to schedule the start of my diet on Wednesday so that my day 3 and 4 fell on Friday and Saturday of the first week.  I even took a vacation day that Friday just so I could do nothing. Days 1 and 2 found me eating maybe 3 to 4 baked potatoes, but as each day passed my appetite decreased.  Friday and Saturday were just like any other day for me and that vacation day was wasted. But the point is I was all in on doing this for my body. No regrets.

During Week 1 I lost 11.5 pounds and Week 2 I lost 6.5 pounds!

I weighed myself every morning.  Some nights I was so excited to get up the next morning to see the results on the scale that I had trouble falling asleep.

One steadfast rule of this diet is to tell no one you're doing it.  There are many reasons behind it, but I did break this rule.  My co-worker Lurdes knew I had been planning to do this 'crazy' diet for months as well as a few other people I see everyday at work.  Of course, I told my husband and sister-in-law, but definitely not my mother-in-law. I just needed to do this because I didn't want people constantly on my ass about why I was only eating potatoes for lunch.  Indeed their questions were exhausting, but in the end, it was their doubt that motivated me to complete these 14 days.

In my next post, I'll talk about how I felt during those two weeks on The Cronut Diet.

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